WP Live Chat Support, as of now the best Free Chat plugin on WordPress

Hey grab some more good leads for your business.

Free Wp Live Chat Support

The most cost-efficient Live Chat plug-in. Chat with your visitors at no cost! WP Live Chat Support is absolute for small businesses.

There are no 3rd party associations required. Not anymore required to bear the cost of live chat monthly subscriptions just to understand your visitors precisely.

That is an entirely functional live chat plug-in. Boost your conversion rate by interacting directly with your website visitors. There are hundreds of others Chat Plugins are available on WordPress but this is the best of them. Check few of the good plugins which will help you in conducting your Digital Marketing Course smoothly and feasible.


  1. This is the most famous WordPress chat plugin for entire WordPress.
  2. WP Live Chat Support is a fully functional live chat plugin
  3. Infinite simultaneous live chats
  4. Live chat directly with your visitors
  5. Easy to use interface to the admin and the visitor
  6. Edit all text fields shown in the live chat box
  7. Users can drag the “Live Chat Box” anywhere on the page.
  8. Colors customization can be done in the live chat box
  9. 100% responsive chat dashboard for admins.
  10. Offline messages are now stored (When Live Chat is switched off)
  11. Six predefined live chat box themes to select from
  12. Fully customizable live chat experience
  13. Apply animations to the chat window
  14. Access historical live chat documents
  15. Compatible with translation plugins
  16. Google Analytics integration
  17. Create a custom off-line message form whenever you are not online
  18. No advertising or links
  19. Add surveys or polls to your chat box, before or following a chat session
  20. Anonymity to your visitors
  21. No “Powered by” hyperlinks on the live chat window
  22. No monthly live chat subscriptions needed
  23. Let the live chat box to pop up automatically
  24. Limit the live chat box to only show to registered users
  25. Compatible with all caching plugins (live chat window loaded through Ajax)
  26. Desktop Notifications when receiving new live chats
  27. View any live chats you can have missed
  28. Place the starting position of your chat box
  29. Comprehensive listing of live chat options
  30. Enable/Disable the chat box on mobile devices
  31. Enable/Disable the sound when a brand new live chat message is received
  32. Ban visitors from chatting with you based on IP Address
  33. Let the live chat box to pop up automatically
  34. Limit the live chat box to only show to registered users
  35. Enable/Disable the chat box on mobile devices
  36. Enable/Disable the sound when a brand new live chat message is received


This live chat plug-in instantly gives you the capability to chat directly with prospective customers or web site visitors when they are ready to do so.

Initiate a live chat with a particular visitor or wait around for them to initiate a live chat with you.

Increase your site conversion rate by providing real-time live support.

Check the plugin’s documentation here


After the chat plug-in is triggered, click on Live Chat, at the left menu navigation.

As soon as a visitor lands on your site, their details will be displayed in the live chat control panel on agent’s dashboard.

When they fill out their details and then click Start chat, a ring sound will trigger in your chat control panel.

When you receive a chat, you will be able to speak directly with your visitor.

Wp Live Chat Box



This is a good option and flexibility to host your live chat on either your very own site or WP LIVE CHAT SUPPORT server.

Making use of their live chat server will improve your chat’s functionality up to 300% and reduce the load on your host.

Even though they initially assembled their live chat plug-in to be used on one’s own site and for you to host your very own chat server. However, sooner or later WP LIVE CHAT SUPPORT now offer you the capability to make use of a live chat server – this is ideal for users who are on low-level hosting packages, or even users who are more worried about live chat functionality and chat security.

WP Live Chat Support was developed to specifically design and manage live chats on your server.

Installing this plug-in will permanently turn your site into it is own personal live chat server.

This plugin put every effort into making this process as smooth as possible while ensuring low resource utilization on your host.

It integrated long polling into the live chat functionality which ensures a fast chat response time between the admin and the website visitors while maintaining a very low device track.

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  1. Nice article though. As far as this plugin is concerned. it’s lacking a very important feature. I don’t know maybe you have not mentioned it. Is there any android app for this, In this busy digital life at least I don’t have time to monitor my laptop the whole day. I prefer twakto or jivo chat.

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