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wordpress plugins list for writers

There are some Effective WordPress Plugins lists for Writers and Writing. As a general rule, Writing is a work of a single interest. People spend lots of time sitting over the keyboard, searching out word after word, sentence after sentence. After few days of continuous writing, work writer gradually loses interest in writing. This can affect their daily workflow. The reason of this can be any activity which becomes a major distraction for them.

Therefore, why not give yourself a quick start with these WordPress blog plugins for effective writing. With regards to WordPress, there are some plugins which can help writers in editing, proofing. Some additional features like distraction-free writing can help you in future. There are also plugins available to check your spelling mistakes while writing. 

Following given are some essential WordPress plugin list

1. SEO by Yoast: The first plugin which comes on this list is SEO by Yoast. This is a must-have WordPress plugin in nearly every website. Initially, it wasn’t designed primarily for writers to write. However, it can certainly help you to write better content. Once your keyword is selected, this plugin ensures that you use that keyword throughout your article.

The keyword can be used in body content, headings, page titles, Meta descriptions and more. This way, your content can be optimized for search engines. This plugin can be very convenient for the people who want to rank on SERPs quickly.

Also, with over 15 million downloads and the 4.7-star rating, SEO by Yoast is the best WordPress plugin for writing the blog post. It may be invaluable with regards to planning of what kind of content to write for your WordPress site.

2. Just WritingDiversion Free Writing Mode (DFWM) can be the ideal method to concentrate only on your writing work. In case, if you are using this frequently, you must have experienced the shortcomings of this plugin. With the Just Writing plugin, that is precisely what is on offer.

Utilizing this plugin, you can include all the commands to the toolbar. This includes spell check, different paragraph styling alternatives, headings, colors etc. It will even include a ‘Preview’ and permits you set which preferences show, and which are covered up.

There is the number of downloads which has been done in the past.  It is frequently refreshed and has accumulated five out a 5-star rating.

3. Proofread Bot: This is another WordPress blog plugin which can help you to write error-free content.  There are some proficient writers in the world who also sometimes commit errors. In any case, with this plugin, you can take out grammatical mistakes and complex issues in your content. According to the WordPress Plugin Directory, it utilizes ‘cutting edge natural language processing’.

It even checks your duplicate content utilizing Bing. It’s easy to use once you’ve introduced it to your site. An additional box will show up on your site’s dashboard. Just tap on the ‘Proofread Bot’ button, and analyze the results.

You’ll get a useful report detailing any issues in your post.

Unlike plugins, there is a little catch with regards to Proofread Bot: you can approach one free proofread per day, up to a limit of 600 words. It had been downloaded roughly 15,000 times and had a 5-star rating too.

4. Visual Editor Font Size: If you spend a lot of time writing in WordPress, you might like me concerned about your eyes. You might be working on a dashboard which you are not comfortable at, mainly when you used to work on ms-word.

With this plugin, you can change the size of the text style in WordPress’ visual editor. With more than 25,000 downloads, this plugin is very popular among the WordPress users.

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