WordPress optimization plugins for Image to get faster loading speed

Let's optimize Images of your wordpress website to accelerate loading speed.

WordPress optimization plugins for Image to get faster loading speed

There are some excellent image optimisation plugins for WordPress. Images are an essential part of your site, regardless of what stage you use. A decent website requires high Quality, significant images that are conveyed to your visitors quickly and efficiently.

Unfortunately, high-quality images take up a considerable size of server space. It affects your site loading time. It also sometimes becomes difficult to exhibit the image in the format you need. However, we are lucky enough, WordPress makes it simple to manage images for your site, yet there is still an opportunity to get better.

In this post, I will cover the top WordPress image optimisation plugins. It handles the most widely known issues and demands related to WordPress and image management. Fundamentally, these plugins can help your WordPress site to perform better.

Following listed are some free WordPress Plugins for Images

1.Envira Gallery LiteEnvira Gallery Lite is a free WordPress Plugin. It also has a premium plugin. The premium version has more features and usefulness.

However, for a basic blog or a photography site, the free version of Envira Gallery provides all the features for making responsive picture gallery.

Envira Gallery and Envira Gallery Lite have been downloaded more than 300,000+ times. It standouts among the most famous image gallery plugins which are available.

    Features of Envira Gallery plugin

  • Drag and drop functionality
  • Lightbox picture introduction
  • Quick loading and optimisation for SEO
  • Select number of columns
  • Pagination
  • Picture Proofing

2.WP SmushThis is also a free WordPress plugin which is available in the market. There are some Images which take up considerable space on a web server. As a reason, it can affect your website’s performance drastically.

WP Smush reduces picture file sizes through compression and enhances your site’s load time. It is like a bulk image compressor. It also helps in increasing SEO performance.

As per the plugin page, it has been downloaded for more than 400,000+ times. It is the most popular bulk image compressor plugin for WordPress websites.

Features of WP smush Plugin

  • Optimize your pictures to utilise advanced lossless compression techniques.
  • Set greatest width, height and maximise pictures. It will consequently scale up before being added to your media library.
  • Auto-smush your attachments on upload.
  • Manually smush your attachments exclusively in the media library. It can smush approx. 50 attachments at a given time.

3.Responsive Lightbox – It enables you to add mobile-friendly Lightbox functionality to all images on your site. It makes a pleasant experience for visitors who are visiting your site on both desktop and mobile devices.

The plugin has more than 200,000+ downloads.

Features of Responsive Lightbox Plugin

  • It automatically adds lightbox to WordPress picture galleries.
  • It also adds lightbox to WordPress picture links.
  • It has Woo Commerce product gallery support.
  • An option to set gallery pictures title from picture title, caption, alt or description.
  • It restricts load scripts and styles just on pages that have pictures or galleries in post content.

Some useful guidelines for using images in WordPress

Featured photos play an essential role in most WordPress topics. You can find a lot of free pictures on Google that can be featured on your WordPress Website. However, there is a lot more than you can do with featured images.

Special Plugin for Featured Image

Quick Featured Images is a WordPress plugin that allows you perform editing actions on featured images. You can replace, remove or add featured image with activities that have a majority. You may set a default picture to use the image in a post as the featured image.

This plugin allows you to add post thumbnails or featured image in your WordPress posts. You will have to edit your theme files to exhibit the image. WordPress topics are designed in a way as to create efficient featured images.

Sometimes other writers on your website or you may forget to add featured images. Writers on your site should always publish a post with a featured image. By default, WordPress does not tell you to add a featured image in a post till you open the article in the article editor.

This plugin adds merely a featured image column on your WordPress posts page. It can make it easy for you to rapidly see featured images for posts. This plugin works for all article types. In this, you have the option to exclude those posts where you do not wish to display a featured image.

It is possible to view a default featured image in WordPress by adding code to your WordPress theme. Nevertheless, many beginners do not want to edit their image. Default Featured Image plugin provides a very simple way to do it.

Simply add a default featured image from WordPress media library. Setting up a featured image for old posts that don’t have a featured image can be tricky. The default featured image is beneficial in creating a post in WordPress.

Always Add Thumbnail plugin which can solve the problem by automatically setting up its first picture in a post as the featured image. This plugin helps you when you forget to set a picture, as it will automatically set the featured image. For older posts, it sets a featured image when the post is displayed on the front end.


Images have always been a challenging portion for running a website. However, they are continually attempting to enhance the stage to provide us with a strong platform to run our site efficiently.

These WordPress plugins will optimise your images. We should always experiment with the new image plugins. WordPress always comes with a new change in every plugin. It regularly enhances the performance and utilisation of their plugins and websites.

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