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Record computer screen

Hi, today I want to give you some software by which you can record your computer screen.

I have been asked so many times from my many students that sir, how to record computer screen of our desktop or PC. So, this is in regards to that answer, and I am giving you a software which will actually help you to record your computer screen and the best part about this recording software is that it will be absolutely free, yes guys so the software which I’m sharing with you right now is absolutely free software.

This software can be used for unlimited recording. I was searching for a few videos on YouTube, how to record computer screen myself just to see that what all are the good software are available in the market for this purpose. But you know after searching a lot on YouTube I did not find any good videos on this recording software. Good in the sense, something which is easy to use and a freeware, so I did not find that combination here in any of this video you that’s why I am sharing you here a very good content today so that you can easily get a software where you can record your computer screen. And the questions that “how to record screen” will be answered here.

Okay, let’s start. I am just going to share this link with you guys, so here is what you need to click because it is not available in Google search results. So, you have to click on this link.

This link will land you to IspringSolutions, where you have to mention your email address and click on “Free download”. And your download will begin. You need to install Ispring free cam on your PC, and that’s it. And then you can enjoy your unlimited screen recording.

Screen Recorder video tutorial

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