Google Algorithm Update – An Update on Massive Core Ranking

Google Algorithm Update

Google Algorithm Update

Google Algorithm Update

It has been an incredible 2018 for Google. With multiple introductions and updates from the globe’s largest search engine, Google, every feature or offering has become a boon for industrialists and business owners. The only thing is to exploit these updates for the site’s interest. One such update that has been rolled in August this year was broad core ranking update. Google at the time of announcing the update, estimated at least seven days to completely roll it out.

Long-term, Significant, Relevance and Quality – Broad core ranking updates from Google are often known to take some factors into consideration. The Google search engine is currently striving to evaluate relevance as well as quality at site-level. From quality, we mean user experience, content quality, disruptive, aggressive, deceptive, technical SEO problems impacting quality, advertising, and many more. It is essential to fully comprehend the source of all these problems that your site might be facing and then form a series of steps to be taken for its remedies. Google is emphasizing on quality over the long-term period.

Relevance and Quality in SEO

To witness the improvement, it is important to forget the constraint of time for some time until some significant changes have been implemented. These changes will undoubtedly be notable and improve your site, ensuring these changes and their impacts are for long-term.

A fair few people have been able to explain the impact on YMYL sites during the Google algorithm update. Also, the websites related to medical and health care specifically impacted as well. There were the majority of health sites that were impacted post update that it was called as the Medic Update by Barry Schwartz. Also, apart from the health sites that had to bear the impact of this update were coupon sites, entertainment sites, e-commerce sites, lyrics sites, online games sites, etc. Google’s update did impact the YMYL sites, but those were not the only ones to be impacted.

  1. YMYL – sites have special importance in Google as they have higher standards as they are greatly responsible for impacting health, future happiness, user safety, and financial stability. Thus, Google would do its utmost to improve core ranking algorithm with expertise, trust, and authoritativeness. Also, the factors such as author reputation, site reputation, etc. will also be impacted.
  2. Entertainment sites – According to Google Analytics, an entertainment site witnessed the surge of 48% since the August update rolled out. This means more than 822K sessions from an organic search of Google search engine alone in 1 week. The site owners were astonished to see the highest amount of traffic they have witnessed in the last two years.
  3. YMYL site – A large-scale site for health sector experienced a massive amount of drop in traffic and rankings over the last 1.5 years. However, after the August 1 Google Algorithm update rolled out, the site had begun to surge across site’s major areas. Presently the site’s key areas have seen a tremendous increase from as low as 20% to as high as 60%. This was an important move in their efforts. Also, there were some sections of the site that have decreased. So the Algorithm update of August had resulted in multiple sections site ups and downs.

YMYL site

Typically what happens is that when sites, due to an algorithm update drop, it is often easy to scrutinize the reason. However, this may cause not able to pinpoint some of the most serious problems that are present but not easily seen. The only solution is to dig deep into the core of the problem, site crawling, area analysis across the site, etc. Google is known to take every single page into account while checking for site quality. So it is imperative to look at all of them rather few.

Steps to take to improve your site visibility and condition after it has been impacted by major algorithm updates –

  1. A thorough crawl analysis is essential in such cases along with site audit. Gather all the problems associated with site quality and devise a plan to deal with every single problem, thereby improving the quality.
  2. Make sure you’re well acquainted with the Quality Rater Guidelines (QRG). Also, it would be even better if you get your team to do the same. After this, you can start to review your website through the perspective of Quality Rater Guidelines. This will help you in surfacing all the problems only to be dealt with as soon as possible.
  3. It is time for some real feedback. Get users to your sites and understand what they feel about your site. Third parties who can evaluate your site on the grounds of specific actions to be taken. This way you will be able to minutely identify barriers and problems and get rid of them.
  4. Do not wait to publish content. However, it should be intriguing as well as interesting! While fixing the site problems, you may overlook this category. However, wait! Regularly publish content that is going to make a difference in site visibility and keeps up with the user expectations as it gives your content number of shares.
  5. It is time to analyze Google Search Console Reporting. Also, analyze new index coverage reporting along with pinpointing all technical problems associated with SEO such as audit and crawl analysis.
  6. Google search engine primarily pays attention to mentions from popular sources and links. Undoubtedly, it is hard to build those sources and links in no time. However, if these are worked upon for long-term, things can go in your favor. Also, do not forget to boost your expertise on your website and in your profiles such as social networks.

Improve your site visibility

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This update had undoubtedly made much difference to the sites that once had a lot of traffic or no traffic. However, these updates are just a way to surface your site problems and take the necessary measures to deal with any unexpected impacts. It is quintessential to objectively analyze your website to pinpoint ways to improve your site visibility and performance.

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