Google Adwords Tutorial – Everything you need to know

Google Adwords Tutorial

Google Adwords Tutorial
Google Adwords Tutorial

Google Adwords Tutorial

If you are talking about search marketing, the first thing you need to know everything about is Google Adwords. Digital Marketing is a term that is known to many nowadays; one can give credit to the digital era that has transformed our lives tremendously. To understand the ins and outs of search marketing, it is important to have access to the Google Adwords Tutorial.

Here are the important things to know about Google Adwords every marketer should know about –

Defining Google Adwords – Google Adwords is a system for advertising developed by Google where in which the advertisers bid on particular keywords. The advertisers bid so that ads (clickable) are visible to the audience in the Google Search Engine’s results. To get their clickable ads being seen in the Google search engine’s results, advertisers will have to pay for every single click for display the brief advertisement or video content or product listing. This is how Google earns through advertisers on every click.

Every search result contains results that are displayed on the top as well as the bottom. These results are advertisements and a place where Google Adwords has its role.

Working on Google Adwords – According to Wikipedia, the functioning of Google Adwords is based on Keywords and Cookies. Advertisers are the people who determine these keywords and cookies. Google employs the characteristics of Keywords and Cookies to display advertisements on pages wherever it feels relevant to display. Advertisers after the advertising copy have been displayed pay every time the user clicks on these advertisement copy by diverting their browsing.

Here is the exact process describing how Google decides which advertisement will be displayed –

  • The user types a query in the search box of Google
  • Adwords will thoroughly go through every ad and pick the one that best matches with the search query
  • Ranking of advertising copy will be solely decided basis of the bid, quality score, Ad extensions, and the format of Ad
  • Google displays advertisements that are bid winners and winners in the process of auction

Important factors in Google Adwords

To make advertisements comparatively more driven by the search results, it is imperative to know the factors given below –

  • Search term and keyword will include the query that the user searches as well as the keyword that is optimized for advertisement.
  • Targeting is another important factor where the advertisement displayed after the user’s query gets displayed at a specific location according to your preference.
  • The relevance of ads is according to the displayed search terms
  • Experience, relevance, and quality of landing page decide the conversion rate
  • Experience of a landing page that confirms its relevance to the user’s search query
  • A score of Quality will decide the Advertisement’s position
  • Preference will be decided by Bid when the advertisers will have best in class landing pages and advertisement

Criteria according to which the Google search engine picks the website to display banner advertisements –

  • Placements – A place where the user can add the websites where he/she prefers displaying the advertisement. For example, if you want to run the advertisement on travel sites, look for travel sites that support advertisement and later add to the list of targeting.
  • Keywords – A quintessential criteria that should be determined. It is because according to these very criteria, advertisements will be displayed in the search engine results.
  • Topic – According to all the available topics in Google Adwords, the topic that best suits the business should be chosen.
  • RemarketingThis very criteria helps in reconnection and retargeting of the website visitors that are existing. This helps in selecting the visitors that visit your website, however, fail to take appropriate action.

Running a shopping advertisement

  • To run a shopping advertisement, the user will need to establish a set-up account using Merchant Center of Google. Google Merchant Center is a platform where retailers upload their product listing according to a specific format.
  • A post was establishing an account on Google Merchant Center; the user will set up a Google Adwords account and then interlink both the accounts.
  • The last step is to submit the report of updated product data to the Merchant Center every 30 days.

Creating an Actual PPC campaign in Google Adwords

Before the user runs an actual Advertisement campaign, he/she should have the following parameters ready for the input –

  • Monthly budget
  • Daily budget
  • Geotargeting scope
  • Keywords list
  • An advertisement copy that is ready including the advertisement heading, line 1 description, line 2 description, URL display, URL of destination, URL of the landing page, landing page design and any required images.

Steps to create a PPC campaign in Google Adwords

1. Sign-in to the Google account

to the Google account

2. Click -> create your first campaign

create your first campaign

3. Type the campaign name and type as “Search network only.” Scroll down to enter other attributes such as location, and then “Let me choose” for your advertisement to be displayed at a particular location of your preference.


Search network


Search network


Search network

4. Click search button for displaying the location, click-> add-> done

displaying the location

5. It is time to set up the strategy for bid where the user will have two options – user gets to do this or Adwords can do the job for the user.

bid strategy

6. Enter the categories of Default bid as well as the daily budget to set the maximum click for 24 hours

7. In case the user is running a basic ad, let location, site links, and options to call go unchecked.

Click – > Save and continue

    1. Select “my Landing page isn’t ready” and then enter the name of the advertisement group. As it is essential to include keywords, the user may add one keyword in every line in the list box.
  1. Click -> continue to advertisements

Enter the URL of a display, destination, and heading.

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It is important to review your ad campaign for accuracy before finalizing it. Click on Save and finish options to successfully set up the PPC campaign on Adwords.

To have a good practical knowledge of Google Adwords, it is essential to perform these activities. Joining a training program that assists with learning all these can be of great help.

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