How to satisfy your clients from your Email Marketing Services

Email Marketing Guide for beginners

Your clients spend a great deal of time research and reviewing the quality of your services or products.

Email Database Health

One superficial mistake might make or break an otherwise done deal. Whether you are renting your mailing list and databases or devising your very own lists you must be sure that your e-mail addresses are prevailing or you’re wasting your effort and time.

IP Reputation

Be aware of your Internet service providers terms on sending emails. You don’t want to be landed with a DOS because other ISPs might not touch you either. Your ISP might brand you a spammer if your e-mail marketing program sends 1000 e-mails in ten minutes.

Email Designs

Be aware of which e-mails designs are working and which isn’t. Test specific designs across different e-mail browsers to ensure cross compatibility.

Business Email Ids

Note that you may need a number of e-mail addresses if you’re proceeding with an Email Marketing utilizing your very own system. Make sure that your website hosting company has supplied sufficient e-mail addresses on your account or update as required.

If you are running an ongoing business, where you have been doing some other good works to make it better it’s recommended to have an email marketing expert to assist you with your email marketing strategies. This way it will certainly help you to save your time and budget.

Bounce Rate

If you are sending 1000 e-mails in total then test your bounce rate. The less the bounces mean you are having a healthy customer list. And if your bounces exceed 5% it is sure you are going to lose your server soon or your server reputation will be at a stake.

Open Rate

You can expect 1%-2% general open rate in case you are using sharing database(purchased). And upto 25% in case of consent based own email list. Your Email Open Rate actually depends on multiple logical factors ie. Email server reputation, email list, email client tool, email content, what percentage of your e-mails were opened in past, what percentage of emails were marked as spam or deleted etc. All this and more can and must be measured to track the marketing campaign’s success.

If you have your own generated list of email ids should be considered a healthy database and will lead to a successful email marketing campaign.

How to buy email list

But, if once in a blue moon, you need to have purchased email list, so buy the only list which will be targeted only. You would not go to a supermarket and purchase every type of fruits and veggies if you only eat apples, bananas, kiwis, and cabbage, would you? So do not buy all data that are available.

Your Email advertising campaign must be realistic and manageable dependant upon your resources. You should make yourself very familiar with Permission-Based Email Marketing because that will only stay long very long.

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