Google Adsense tutorial for beginners

Google Adsense Tutorial

Google Adsense Tips for success

Do you want to learn everything about Google Adsense step by step? So, here are some few things to know about Google Adsense tutorial for beginners and some Google Adsense tips for bloggers also.

If you’re new to Adsense and wish to set up an account with Google AdSense or confused and thinking hard about it? Have a look at this Google AdSense guide. This google Adsense guide contains all the essential information that you should know, including of the payment cycle of AdSense.

Google Adsense Basics

Some basic steps for Google Adsense

To begin with, you need to create Google Adsense account and have to verify with AdSense for the first time. Fill the online form, provide your personal information, provide all tax information, select a mode of payment, then enter PVN and PIN. After providing these details, your account will set up on Google AdSense.

At any time you reaches a threshold revenue of $100, Google sends you the payment check or direct transfer whichever your prefers.

In case your entire payable income reaches $100 in January and you have provided all the necessary details as mentioned above, you then eligible to receive a paycheck on Feb end (21st of every month).

If your outstanding income hasn’t touched the $100 benchmark, whatever earnings you’ve generated gets rollover to the subsequent month. The sum accumulates until total earnings reach $100. After this, you’ll receive the payment within 1 month.

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Google Adsense Payment Details

You can easily track your AdSense functionality and income throughout the ‘accounts tab’ on your Google Adsense accounts.

This tab has two more sub tabs, review reports, and advanced reports. To get general information of the income, refer to the overview tab. If you’d like complete details of your accounts, go to advanced tabs.

To check previous records of the payment, go to payment history. Your name appears on the link just after you get the first payment.

You may also view exchange rate to convert the payment into the local currency and check whether you’ve received the payments accordingly.

In the last day of every month, Google AdSense system identifies your accounts and checks for the finalized amount you have earned, that has to be at least $100 in order to be eligible for getting paid.

Now, if your Google Adsense account contains $100 or can be more than that, the account is sent for verification and approval. Within few days of the following month, of the system sends you all details, which you can view by checking the history page.

The system processes your income and sends your payment, depending upon the mode of payment you’ve chosen. If you don’t receive this payment within 1 month or until 25th of next month, you’ll have to apply for reissue.

How CPC works in Adsense?

Adsense pays on a PPC basis, so publishers get paid based on how many clicks they get to their ads. The pay for every click can be as low as pennies and as high as $10. Many of you asked me several times why I am only getting few cents as a CPC all the time. Here are the logic and science behind it.

Certain niches bloggers will observe that they rarely get more than 15 cents a click along with other niches might rarely get less than 50 cents per click. The price is determined by a few factors, but the biggest is the ‘demand from advertisers’ to advertise for a certain keyword phrase.

For example, you are writing an article on “How to select an Insurance for you” and now Insurance keyword is in very high demand. Advertisers are ready to pay anything to get right audiences for their insurance product. And they know that audience can be there in your article, as your article belongs to their product. So, a number of advertisers will start bidding for your article to get the placements. And in this way your CPC will go high and higher which can turn your earning in the sky.

The simplest way to do that is to utilize the Adwords tool. Once you arrive there go ahead and enter a keyword and hit enter. Following the results show, click the columns button on the right-hand side as shown below. Once you click this, select Estimated Avg. Now you’ll see your list of keywords and their average CPC that the ADVERTISER may have to pay.

Another important factor in raising your Google Adsense CPC is your traffic source. It has been significantly observed that organic search engine traffic always pay you better than any other source of traffic.

For example, if you are getting paid 50 cents for search engine organic traffic than you will be get paid 15-20 cents for Social media traffic, Email traffic etc. So, it is highly recommended if you are a blogger, search engine optimization is always will be a profitable perspective. No, matter how many followers you have on your Social Media profile, traffic from the search engine that too organic is necessary here.

Google Adsense Policy guidelines

Warning: Never try to click your very own advertisements under any situations. The entire Google Adsense policy is based on the belief that advertisers aren’t getting false clicks. Google is simply fair for all, and it is very firm to its policies. And if you found doing such invalid clicks, it won’t take any breathe to close the account of anyone who they SUSPECT is generating false clicks.

Do not prompt your readers to click Adsense ads, do not ask your family and friends to click on them, and definitely, do not click them yourself.

You might be thinking how Google will detect if you can manipulate clicks. So, friends let me tell you as much money as Google makes, you can rest assured that they’ve spent millions of dollars on tools and techniques to detect false clicks and they’re very good at finding the culprits.

So finally you learn Google Adsense tutorial for beginners that individuals need to read and share…

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