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Youtube Video Ranking algorithms

How Youtube Video get rankings and go viral.

Hi, guys today I would like to mention about video SEO, basically YouTube Optimisation and its importance.

Youtube Video Optimisation

What do you think how important is video SEO for your YouTube channel?

Is SEO necessary for ranking our videos in YouTube, and if it is necessary then what all are the primary principles on which videos get ranking in YouTube?

We all know YouTube had been acquired by Google in the year of 2006 and that may be the reason Google has the same eye to view for and It was just a joke, no need to take it seriously.

But this is serious, do you know the fact about YouTube, it is the second largest search engine of this world after Google.

And if it has been popular as a search engine so, it is quite obvious that algorithms which it may possessed maybe like a search engine e.g. Google.

But it doesn’t mean that the principles on which works the YouTube will work like the same, because in Google – websites and their results get ranks but in YouTube only videos which uploads on YouTube only get ranks.

And, it is not mandatory that the people who know website’s SEO can also rank videos on YouTube.

So, how can we rank videos quickly and effectively on YouTube search results to get more hits on our videos?

Let’s find an answer of this question.

And in a way to find the answer of this question I come to know about YouTube Optimisation.

So, as per my research, there are 6 major principles/algorithms on which Youtube rewards ranking to any videos are as followings:

  1. Meta Title
  2. Meta Description
  3. Video Tags
  4. Watch Time
  5. Engagements
  6. Channel Reputation

1. Meta Title: are one of the important factor for YouTube to rank any video for a certain keyword.

YouTube read the complete title of any video before giving them rank. And if that title suits to any keyword and the relevancy of the title with that keyword matches then we can expect ranking of that video for that specific keyword.

2. Meta Description: Meta description is the secondary factor after meta title, it is just to find the relevancy of title and its video content.

If the title and description are matching properly and are relevant for that video then it gives an extra push in ranking.

People says the more the description you will write for a video the chances are high to get ranking, but as per my research it is not necessarily because it is not a website SEO where the quantity of content will be measured to assign a video ranking.

So, only relevant descriptions are enough according to the content of your video.

3. Video Tags: Tags also plays very important role in your video Optimisation. Your tags signify the genre of your videos.

Try to write as closest as possible tags(niche keyword) for your videos and must avoid generic tags which are very popular in this world.

It has been very commonly seen that tags with a long tail keyword ranked more often than generic keyword tags.

Minimum you can use 5 tags and maximum 10 is enough for a video.

4. Watch Time: One thing which I would like to emphasised more and more is “Watch Time”. This is the most important factor here in YouTube video Optimisation.

What time makes a video go viral on YouTube. The more the watch time of any video YouTube will suggest that video more and more to their lookalike audiences and this way more people will hit on that video to watch it.

And as per this research, my recommendation says, try to create videos of minimum 10 minutes and maximum as you wish, because more the time people will spend on your video the authority of your video will go high.

YouTube always encourage creators to create videos which can hold people for a longer time.

5. Engagements: After watching your video it is also important to consider how many people are engaging with that video e.g. “like, comment, share and subscribe.

The more the people engaging with your video content, it means you had planted the value for that audience into that video.

And this will help YouTube to find lookalike audiences for your video whom it will suggest to get more views.

6. Channel Reputation: Channel reputation has a very significant role to get you more ranking and video views.

How old your channel is and its subscribers base, the number of lifetime views, likes and dislikes, any copyright strike or community Strike decides the channel’s reputation.

Always build a practice to upload valuable video content on YouTube to get more and more likes and subscribers to increase your channel reputation.

Never try to copy other’s published video or even a part of it into your channel.

1 copyright strike can drain down your entire channels reputation for a while. And 3 such strikes, you are suspended.

This is so far, my small research on YouTube video Optimisation which can help you to grow your channel. I’ll keep up doing my research and will sharing it with you in future.

I hope you enjoyed this article and if it is so, please hit like and if you have any question in your mind related to this article please don’t hesitate to write a comment below and I will reply back to you.

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  1. the article is so much helpful for those who want to boom his carrer in digital marketing field.
    In my spare time i m trying to engage myself with your unique content, Because the reason that u always try to choose easier way to make us understand.

  2. I wasn’t aware that something like Channel Reputation exists and also the fact that copyright strike can bring down the same. Thank You for the info. I had a copyright strike once. Maybe that could be the reason, I get it.

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