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YouTube Income Making Few People Super Rich Everyday

Hi, friends today in this digital marketing training I have chosen the topic on YouTube income.
Today I have many things to share with you because I have done a very deep research on this YouTube income module. There are many people I know who are earning a lot from their YouTube channels.
Some basic algorithms are there on YouTube if you know them definitely you are also going to score huge earning from it.
There are many who have been asked me how and why YouTube will pay you for your uploaded video?
There are many confusion among those who are new on YouTube.
Actually, YouTube doesn’t pay you, it just shares the revenue what YouTube is earning. The sharing ratio is 60:40 – 60% goes to youtubers and 40% YouTube keep it with them. So that’s why YouTube is earning from all the youtube video which is being played on YouTube portal. Now the question is how YouTube is earning?
YouTube has a lot of advertisers base, now what happened whenever any video plays on YouTube portal advertisers sponsors that video. Whenever a video being played on Youtube and Advertisement comes up with that video only in that case Youtube makes money. It only shares the revenue of that advertisement with you. And if no advertisement being displayed in that video play, no one will be getting paid neither Youtube nor Youtubers.
And this is what the main secret of YouTube income. It means if your video is attracting more advertisers then only you will get paid and if there are no advertisers for your video you are not earning anything, it’s a simple logic.

Do you want to make more money from YouTube?

Two things that can also make you super rich by YouTube income.

The first is the video views: The number of hits that your video is getting will decide how much you are going to earn because the advertisements will be playing on your videos will populate money for you. The more your video will get played the chances of getting more ads will be always high. Though it is not necessarily that every time your video will get played, there will be ads on it. And this is the reason why you need more and more hits on your video.

The second most important thing that you need a good number of sponsorers for your YouTube videos because if your video is not getting sponsored by any advertisers you are not going to make any money. And not only this you also need to attract highest paying advertisers if you want to make something big. It is because there are a lot of advertisers in the market with variable CPC (cost per click) they are paying. If you can able to attract those advertisers who are paying high CPC then definitely you will be earning the best in the market.

Wait for my another digital marketing training topic on how you can attract highest paying advertisers for your YouTube videos.

Till then have a good day.

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