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Wordpress the best CMS Platform

WordPress is the only most acceptable CMS platform of this world.

Hey, I hope you are doing extremely well again. Here in this article we will learn about WORDPRESS.

Personally I called WordPress is a genius battler who does 80% of my entire job in building websites. It knows very well how to reduce my effort and how to make it easier of me. Earlier to this building a website was only a job of software engineers, who were known as well qualified and most intelligent people. They had the knowledge of all coding hacks and command over all the coding tools. We used to be solely dependent on them for all type of website need.

But since the evolution of CMS platforms like WordPress came into the picture, the people who just knows only what is “Ctrl C” and Ctrl V” become a website developer. Sounds very interesting, right! Lets read more about it.

What is WordPress

WordPress is the world’s most trusted and accepted CMS(content management software) platform. It works on the mechanism of drag and drop technology. Where you just need to put your content within the specified area and it will simultaneously code all the content in computer’s language ‘”Php”. So what exactly it have done, it reduces your coding efforts which could have taken several hours to do it. And on top of it, if someone don’t have any knowledge about coding they also can create their website by themselves.

And the most interesting part which will make you feeling crazy about wordpress is “it is absolutely free”. You can create your website without spending a single penny.

But the only drawback of having a free wordpress website is that, you have to host your website on wordpress server and within it’s domain ( name. And if you don’t want that, then you can have your own Domain and Hosting to get the complete access and ownership of your website. You can purchase Domain name and Server hosting from any of the good service provider.

Once you have your own Domain Name and Hosting ready, you just only need to install WordPress once. And after its installation there is a dashboard from where you can create your complete website.

Few basic terms are there which you need to learn before creating website:

  • Themes,
  • Pages,
  • Menus,
  • Posts,
  • Plugins,
  • Widgets,
  • Users,
  • Permalinks etc.

Above all the terms are very useful resources, and the knowledge of its functionality plays very significant role in website planning and creation. You can easily read about these terms in other articles of Digital Marketing Knowledge in details.

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