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Social Media Marketing Strategies for your brand

Social Media offers you the perfect opportunity to reach your target audience and build your brand. It can be used for a variety of purposes whether it is social selling, content marketing or customer support.

In this article, I will discuss Social Media strategies for branding to get results.

#Recognize Your Business Goals

Your every social media strategy move follows the goals you set. You cannot accelerate your brand image without knowing your primary objectives.

First look at your company’s overall needs and think how you want to use social media to achieve them.

There are several goals that all companies should include in their strategy, such as increasing brand awareness, holding customers and reducing marketing costs are significant to everyone.

#2 Choose your network and plan

Many companies create accounts on every popular social platform without researching which one will bring the most profit.

Every social network will not be the right fit for any company. Your job is to find the right networks that match with your brand’s image.

You can avoid wasting your time by using the information from your buyer personas to determine which platform suits you.

If your audience spends 40% of their online time on Facebook and 20% on Twitter, you know which social networks you should focus.

Your strategy for each social network depends on your goals and ideas, as well as the best practices of each platform.

#Post Frequently

Irregular posting will damage your social media branding efforts.

Posting frequency depends on audience activity and how audience members engage.

An ideal posting schedule helps keep users attention while possibly earning more followers.

The best ways to find out the perfect time to post is to use social media publishing and analytics tools.

The publishing tools will let you schedule your posts to be sent out when your followers are most active.

The analytics tools allow you to measure which posts are gaining the most engagement.

#4 Create a Content Strategy

Content and social media have a mutual relationship. Use both of them together to reach and convert your audiences.

The piece of content you should post on each social media platforms depends on the demand of your audience. You can post – text only, images, links, video, etc.

Here are the following tips when you create content for the social network:

  • All the content you share should support your brand image.
  • Find out which content is promising to gain visibility on your social networks.
  • Don’t be scared to use visual content. Articles with images receive 94% more views.

To figure out the content that is performing well in your industry, use tools such as BuzzSumo and sort based on past social engagement.

#5 Connect With Influencers

If you are an unknown brand, you will be lost in the competitive noise. Moreover, if you can sooner or later build your audience through the engaging content, this approach is going to take time.

A much faster way to achieve good results and intensify your social media branding efforts is to build connections with influencers.

It allows you to leverage the audiences established influencers in your industry have already built.

If you want to connect with influencers, you should have these qualities, because just having many followers does not succeed someone as an influencer.

  • Authentic
  • Active
  • Engaging
  • Expertise
  • Leadership

There are a few different ways you can approach influencers:

  • Mention their names or cite their websites in your content. Influencers with Google Alerts or other notifications will see your content after it is published.
  • Tag any influencers you have referenced when sharing content with your social media accounts.
  • Email influencers after you have published your content to let them know they have been referenced in your work.

#6 Use social campaigns to promote content

Paid campaigns may be one of your better options for building your brand on the social networks.

Many brands use strategies such as contests and other social media campaigns to engage their audience, gain visibility and generate leads effectively.

To take advantage, offer your audience with valuable perks that encourage user contribution and make sure that your campaigns provide value to all contestants.

#7 Be Consistent With Your Topics

Platforms like Facebook, Twitter, and Google+ are nice for curating content from around the internet.

Curating is the best way to support your brand power in your industry as well as offer a stable stream of social media posts that aren’t self-promotional.

You can select a few topics that are closely correlated to your industry.

For example, the famous digital marketing blog Tweets articles about email marketing techniques, SEO tips, and blogging advice. All of these are directly related to its brand.

If this blog started adding Tweets about entertainment and gossips, it would seem out of place. However, by focusing on its main parts of expertise, digital marketing brand has become a go-to account for people’s interest in digital marketing related content on Twitter.

#7 Navigate Visitors to Landing Pages

A landing page is an excellent target for your audience, whether it is your home page, one of your social sites or a place to buy your product.

You can use your social platforms as a center for the links you want to share with your users.

Landing pages are a primary part of a brand’s marketing strategy. They provide opportunities to lead people to the pages you need them to see.


Social media thse days is one of the most powerful ways to reach your new audience; it is easy to waste time or separate people if you do not use it correctly.

That is why having a remarkable social media strategy in place is so valuable.

These social media strategies for branding will help you connect with your target audience, be more careful with your efforts and get better results in the long-run.

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