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Search Engine Optimization for beginners

Baby steps to Search Engine Optimization for beginners

Hey guys, are you new to Search Engine Optimization (SEO)! I bet you are. Read this article and I can assure you that you will no longer be a beginner and can start with your first project of Search Engine Optimization confidently.

Let’s begin with the first step of SEO in Google:

First learn what is Search Engine Optimization

We are pretty much aware about, which is one of the world’s most accepted search engine and what it does? It simply shows results against the queries what we do in it. The basic idea behind it is to give you the relevant answers of your query. And here the algorithms come into place. The most relevant content for a query will serve first to the searcher, second most relevant content below to it and third most relevant in the third position and so on upto 10 position.

Search Engine Result Page

There could be millions of results of a particular query in Google’s database and it shows all of them at one go. But here is the hit in it, Google shows these results in pages. Every page contains only 10 results by default (you can alter this upto 100 results on everypage). Studies show that 96.65% of people only surf the first page of and bounce back from there itself, hardly handful of people go beyond it. Such is the efficiency of Google that it fulfills the need of searchers at the very first page itself.

And here exactly the Search Engine Optimization matters, to make your content relevant to your targeted audience.

Let’s find your targeted audience in Google’s Search Engine.

It is not at all a challenge to make your own content relevant to your targeted audience. Just use a simple logic here, how your targeted audience can find you?

Simply it’s by a “keyword”.

Google Search results

So, here we first need to find relevant keywords for your content which can give you your targeted audience. it is very much obvious that you would know the primary keywords for your website/web page. But it is not enough by performing a search engine optimization. As SEO is a lengthy and laborious process, we don’t want to spare our valuable time on that keyword which will not deliver us an optimum traffic. If we take any keyword to rank on Google which people hardly search, definitely it would be futile to put our hard work on it. It is strongly recommended that you need to research on your selected keyword whether it can give you enough traffic or not?

And here is the tool which will help us to refine our hard work “Google Keyword Planner“.

Google Keyword Planner Tool

This is the most useful tool ever for beginners to perform “Search Engine Optimization”. In the next lesson we’ll learn the complete “Keyword Research” process.

And here if you have any questions please feel free write your comments and we’ll revert with the best possible answer.

Next lesson Keyword Research and Planning
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