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How to raise your new Facebook Group members

Hey buddy,  today we will see how to raise members in  a new Facebook Group. It is not necessary to tell you how effective has become Facebook marketing via Group’s these days. You can get your absolute targeted audience in this Facebook Groups. So to use it wisely would be a nice decision to drag your right audience.

Grow Facebook Group Members

The first thing to keep it in mind, for what purpose you are creating a Facebook group. It is more or less a community you are going to form. Where alike people will join and share their views and thoughts among themselves. So it is very important to give it an objective.

For ex: I want to create a Facebook group where people belongs to ‘Digital Marketing’ or people who have an interest in digital marketing should meet up. So the objective is very clear that I only need people belongs to a particular field or interest. I don’t need unnecessary crowd just to increase the numbers only. It is only because people who belong to ‘Digital Marketing’ is only my targeted audience and the chances of conversion will be higher.

So here in the above scenario, my objective is crystal clear. I only need people in my Facebook group who belongs to a particular field or interest. Now here are the steps to optimise your groups accordingly:

Steps to optimise Facebook Group

You know how members of any FB groups grow? Only by two ways:

  1. One is by ‘Search’ in the search box. People type the keyword of their choice and Facebook recommends groups accordingly.
  2. Another is by ‘Recommendations’. Members who are already in your group and if he/she has any friends who also has the same field of interests. FB will recommend him/her to join the group.

So, we can start optimising the “Search” first. Lets target the people who search for Facebook Group to join.

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