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Why quality Hosting Server for website hosting is so important.

Hey pal, hope you are enjoying your day. Today here we learn about Web Hosting Server that is required to host any website. So, gear up and boost your knowledge about Hosting server to govern a good Digital Marketing campaign.

What is web hosting server

A website is a set of webpages, and these web pages may contain files like images, text, videos, pdf etc. in it. These files occupy some spaces everywhere, whether it is in your system or on any cloud server. Till it is in your system it cannot be accessed to the world. To give the access of your website to the world it has to upload to a cloud server and that server known as web hosting server.

You can purchase hosting space according to your need for a certain period of time. Lots of service provider are available in the market to fulfil your web hosting need. The objective of your website will decide, what type of server hosting you have actually required.

How to choose a good web hosting server.

Below mentioned points will help you to decide what should be your web hosting according to your need.

  • Disk Space: How much space you need to host your website files. For ex. if your website consists files of 500 MB, I would suggest you at least need 1 GB of disk space to host your files.
  • Bandwith: It is to ensure that your website should not break down to a certain level of traffic load. For ex. if your web hosting bandwidth is 10 GB, so the load of the traffic to that website must not exceed to 10 GB otherwise your site will go down for sure.
  • Server Speed: How fast your hosting server is? This question plays a very important role in analysing your site’s quality. Slow websites don’t get ranking in search engines and more than this, it looses it’s visitors interest drastically.
  • Downtime: Always make sure the quality of your website hosting before finalising it because of less qualitative hosting servers, it’s downtime will always high. This can easily disappoint your visitors, and which is a potential loss for you.
  • Tools: Every server hosting gives us some sort of sophisticated tools to help us building a website, email address, database, securities, marketing campaigns etc. Always check whether you are getting the right tools or not within that hosting service. Many service providers even give lot of freebies i.e.
    • Free listing.
    • Google Adwords Credit, Yahoo/Bing search credit up to $100 each.
    • One toll-free phone number (The US business only).
    • Free business email address.
    • Free online store and much more check here.
  • Customer Support: And the last but not least is how supportive their customer support service is. In each and every hosting service provider, customer support services play a very significant role. Don’t ever try for any such web hosting services where customer support is not efficient enough.

Buy Hosting Basics

These are the basic importance of Website Hosting Server, which one should always remember while making the purchase. In next article, we will read the impact of hosting servers on search engine rankings.

Please feel free to comment your question and I’ll revert back to you asap.

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