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Ad Blocker for Google chrome

How to install Ad Blocker for Google Chrome: Step by step guide.

Chrome Ad Blocker

First of all, we need to know the reason to install Google Chrome Ad Blocker. As nowadays, people are so engaged in surfing sites and their queries on google, we would never want any barriers in surfing sites in Google chrome. Sometimes, it becomes quite annoying because of pop ups, display ads, clicking ads, ads before you tube videos etc. But now, the solution is pretty simple and here we have a step by step guide of installing Google Chrome Ad Blocker.

  • Everything on Chrome Web Store!

As we search almost everything in Google, installation of Google chrome Ad Blocker will be found on Google itself. First, you need to type “Chrome Web store” where, you will have a number a of extensions of Google chrome.

  • Ad Block Plus Installation

After landing to Chrome Web Store, You need to type “Ad Block Plus” in search box. You’ll get the Highlighted one (as in the picture above).

Now, just click on the ADD TO CHROME button on the right side. This is the Google chrome Ad blocker from which you can remove all the unnecessary ads from your browser.

  •  Adding extension to chrome

Now, you’ll see a dialog box, in which you need to select Add Extension. After that you’ll land to the confirmed installation page. After that you’ll see an icon of ABP on the top right corner of chrome.

  • Enjoy without Ads on your browser

  Now you can surf and watch videos without those annoying ads. You can also disable the Ad blocker plus for a particular page by simply clicking right on ABP icon.

Hope you find the steps of Google chrome Ad blocker easy and helpful.

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