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Increase Facebook Post Reach

Tips to Increase Facebook Post Reach Oragnically

As in the last article, we have seen that in Social Media Marketing especially on Facebook, Post reach is everything. There is nothing like ‘Ranking’ factor which exists in Search engine. The more the post reach , more the chances of getting organic traffic. Today we will learn how to ‘Increase Facebook Post Reach Organically’ by using Facebook algorithms.

Increase Facebook Post Reach – tip #1

Increase Facebook Post Reach

  • Using #Tags may significantly increase your post reach if it is trending.

Note: It has been noticed from last few years that #Tag’s potential has dropped drastically since the evolution of Facebook’s paid marketing came into the picture.

  • Click on the trending ‘tags’ at the right-hand side.
  • Posts related to that tags will start showing.
  • Click on “Groups” from the top navigation options.
  • Further, click on “Join” to become a participant of those groups. Then you have to wait for Admin of respective groups to approve your joining request. Join groups only with more number of active members.
  • Once you join the groups, start sharing your post one by one in each group. But make sure you are not violating any terms & conditions or policies of those groups. You are not authorised for posting spam in any groups.
  • Share your post only on related groups. eg. The post is about “Pets Care”, I should only share my post to groups which are for Pets Care, and never should share my post to groups which are made for Car services.
  • While sharing your post ‘Tag’ your friends who belong to those groups if any.
  • The best time to share your post in Groups is when most of the members will be active in those groups.

How to find engaging Group

How will you check the activeness of any groups: Pick 10 most active posts in any group and check their posting time. Once the screening of all the 10 post will be done, you’ll get an idea when the most activity happens in that groups. Now to increase Facebook post reach you can share your post in that particular frame of time.

This is just a kind of one tip out of many in Facebook Organic Marketing. If you have any questions related to the above topic please feel free to comment. And I’ll try my best to revert you back.

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