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Important Wordpress Plugins

2 must WordPress plugins for any website

Hi, friends today in this digital marketing training I have chosen the topic on WordPress plugins.

Yes, in this topic I am going to tell you about 2 must WordPress plugins which any website should install and activate. These plugins will definitely help any website for few main basic reason.

Creating any website in WordPress is very easy, people can create websites in hours with the help of this WordPress tool. But only creating a website is not enough their promotions, tracking and analysis are also as equal as important its creation. So in this training, I will speak why you should install this 2 important plugins for your website so that your promotions, tracking and analysis also going to cover along with its creations.

so let’s do it.

Plugin that helps you in promotions

As we all know that creating just a website is not the only thing that a website owner seeks. If you have created any websites for any reason definitely you are not going to keep it, Idle, you must work on its promotions. You need traffic for your website and you will do a lot of tasks to get the traffic into your website via search engine. social media, email marketing and a lot of other things.

So here’s the plugin which I’m going to share with you will actually help you in getting traffic to your site and in the series of this plugin the first plugin is SEO Yoast

Yoast Seo Plugin

SEO Yoast will help you in optimising your site as per search engines algorithm. And it is very effective, it has been seen that the suggestions this plugin gives you definitely works on search engines. SEO Yoast helps you writing optimised content as per Google search engine algorithms. The more you follow its suggestions the chances of getting high rank in Google search engine result page are always high. So this is my first recommendations in the plugin lists for your WordPress site.

The next plugin in this series which I love is WP-edit.

WP edit is a plugin which helps you in getting enhanced options in creating content for your pages/posts. In a normal WordPress, we only get few options here which is not enough for creating a professional type content. So this WP edit plugin will help you in opting multiple feature options for content creation.

WP Edit plugin

Whenever I create any website or blog I must install this 2 plugins for sure for all my websites. And this is my recommendations also anytime in next time whenever you’re also going to create any website you also must have this plugin.

Both the plugin will help you achieving goals in their respective area of expertise.

In my next module, I will get you some more of best plugins in WordPress which you should consider for your WordPress website.

Till then thank you very much.

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