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Tubebuddy Chrome Extension for Youtube

Magical tool for your Youtube Channel to grow instantly and massively

Hi, friends today in this digital marketing training I will explain you how you can successfully run your YouTube channel.

I’m actually going to share you a tool which is going to help you massively to promote your YouTube channel. This has already helped me a lot in promoting my own YouTube channel. Let’s talk deeply about this tool.

This tool is actually a Chrome extension “TubeBuddy” which will be get installed in your chrome browser. And it is a holy fact that almost all the big channels on Youtube are using this Chrome extension to grow their Youtube Channels. Now let’s talk about its features:

  • Prediction: Guys the very first thing which I love the most about this tool is its prediction. Yes, guys, it can help you to find what type of keyword you should target for your videos. The best keyboard can get you the best results for your YouTube videos. So, if you will get to know about those keywords which can get you a lot of video views why shouldn’t you go for that and that is what the best part about this tool that I loved the most.
  • Analytics: And second best feature about this Tubebuddy Chrome extension is its Analytics. The keywords where your YouTube videos are ranking you can easily get to know from this tool. Now it is very easy to find your ranking videos by this tool in just one click, and this is the coolest feature I have ever seen till now.
  • Schedule Videos: And the third most important feature of this Youtube Chrome Extension, you can schedule your video publishing time. Yes, guys this is one of the awesome features in YouTube history. Now you can schedule your videos on an appropriate time. The time when most of your subscribers stay active on YouTube this is the best time to publish your videos because you can expect the immediate results just after publishing your videos because your subscribers are on YouTube now.

There are a lot of more features in this tool which I may not explain here because it will take a lot of time and word to explain all of its features. So, it’s better I have recommended you and now you should go and install this Youtube chrome extension to have an experience of this tool by yourself. This tool is very user friendly so you do not need any helping hands to just understand how this tool will work for your YouTube videos. I definitely can say you will love this Tubebuddy chrome extension if you are a passionate Youtuber. And if your Youtube Channel start growing this way

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  1. Hey Roy,
    Any social sharing features or anything by which we can attract viewers to our youtube channel using tubebuddy or any other extension or plugings??

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