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Google Adsense Tips for success

Keep up the CPC always high of your Google ADSENSE to increase revenue

Hi friends, hope you are enjoying my articles on Digital Marketing strategies. Here today we will see some Google Adsense Tips and Tricks to boost it’s performance. So, are you ready to learn it! Great..

Google Adsense Tips

The data says that more than 90% people failed to earn enough from their website or blog by Adsense. And which makes them strongly disappointed and they loose confidence on Google Adsense’s potential. Let me be very clear on this, that the remaining people who are earning actually they are earning like a bomb. According to the Google’s declaration on its official Adsense website – ‘$10 billion have been paid in the year 2015’ to their publishers. Now you might have got an idea how much potential that Google Adsense has for publishers. So, I would request you not to loose hopes and read these Google Adsense tips to increase your monetization ability.

Google Adsense Tips

Google Adsense Tips

Let’s begin with the strategies which can help you to make more money. To start working on Adsense optimization, there are two pre-requisites of it:

  • Active and working Adsense Account.
  • A website must be approved by Adsense’s terms and policies.

CPC Optimization

This is quite obvious if your cost per click is running high, the chances of earning will be high. But, there is no such fix rule in Adsense where you can calculate how much your CPC could be. This is completely a matter of Google’s own formula of Adword’s bidding. The more the advertisers will pay, you will be paid more. Google will pay you a share of earnings from advertisers through your website. So, here is the simple logic works, the more the demand of your website’s traffic among the advertisers, the chances of higher bidding will make you earn more CPC.

Let me explain you the above logic with a practical example:

If my website’s content belongs to the industry which spends a lot on advertisings then my site’s CPC will be absolutely high. This is only because advertisers will bid high to get more visibility than their respective competitors for example Insurance, medical, banking, e-commerce, education sector etc. As you have visitors in your website who matters for these advertisers a lot, they won’t mind paying more for it.

But the question is that how advertisers will find your website to publish their ads? Don’t take stress buddy, Google will find your website and recommend it to their advertisers. This is the time where Google Adword’s efficiency comes into the picture. Advertisers simply command Adwords to publish their display advertising on the most relevant publisher’s site. And Google has already stored your website’s data into their database, so it knows which advertisers will pay more for your website.

Recommendations to Optimize CPC

So, my recommendation is always to try to mention your website’s content according to the highest paid keywords in Google Adwords. It is because according to the keywords of your website Adsense will decide which ads should get published in it. To learn how to search for those keywords which will pay you more CPC read my another article Keyword Research and Planning for SEO.

One more thing to keep in your mind – try avoiding all the downgrade words which can certainly make your CPC low e.g. free, discount, offer, sale etc. and any type of adultery content.

And don’t be in a hurry to put your Adsense code for monetizing your content. Wait for at least a week or more after publishing your content. Always give time to Google bots to collect your content’s data to read it well, so that it can find the perfect advertisers for your website.

If you need more help in Google Adsense tips to increase CPC, please write it in below comment box and I’ll revert back to you.

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