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Competitor Facebook ads targeting

How to Check Facebook Audience Targeting of your Competitors.

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Today in this module I will tell you how to check your competitor’s Facebook ads targeting. Yes, you heard me right. What if you can see what your competitor is targeting as an audience in Facebook ads. The day you will get to know your competitor’s ads targeting on Facebook then after you only just need to copy that audience for your ads targeting also. Isn’t it great?

Let’s do it, first, you need to go to Facebook in your timeline and you need to check your competitor’s ads there. Maybe you can find your competitors ad and maybe not so, what to do now? Here one thing you can do you can check similar ads by other advertisers because their audience targeting will also similar sometimes. But most of the time you can see your competitor’s ads easily why because you are also a part of their targeting audience. So, don’t worry you can easily find it there in your timeline.

Now what you need to do, you need to click on the drop-down arrow of that particular ad and click on “why am I seeing this”. After that, a new dialogue box will be open where you can see what all they have targeted to reach to you. Here you can see the “interest” section what all are the interests that they have added in their targeting, you can see the demographics also what ages they have targeted and what all are the location are there in the Facebook ads targeting section.

Best Facebook ads targeting strategy ever

And this way you can target your competitors Facebook ads targeting. Isn’t it so easy? And the most important fact is that this is the legal way which Facebook itself providing this feature. This way you can check few of your competitor’s ads and club them into one so, that you can get maximum interest targeting and their location and ages and that’s it. This is the most effective way of targeting audiences in Facebook ads by just copying your rival’s ads targeting

For any personal help on this topic, kindly comment below and I’ll revert back to you.

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