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Awesome Email Extractor tool to harness email database

Email extractor tool for Email Marketing purpose, the cheapest mode of Digital Marketing

Today, we will learn about a  free email Extractor tool which will extract all the email addresses of others  from a given web pages based on the people who shared their email ids across various platforms of social Media and others forms of sources. And this is very important to target right audiences for which this online email extractor tool will be helpful to target your prospect. If we don’t have potential customer email databases we will not be able to accomplish our goal of email Marketing. It will also help us to generate more traffic and to get more promotions of our Business.

Now, here we will discuss the process to install this tool and the right use of it. It is a Google web browser extension, which we can easily find it on chrome web store. We can use this to extract email ids online in different types Social Networking sites like facebook, LinkedIn, Twitter etc. It can extract emails ids in just one click of the button rather than collecting email addresses one by one. It also reduces the burden of copy and paste of specific email ids from a source.

How to Install Email Extractor Tool

Go to google web store and search for “email extractor” there. After that choose only that tool in which you find maximum positive reviews and has got the  highest number of downloads.

Email Extractor Tool

After choosing the specific tool download it and add this as a chrome extension. The icon of this email extractor will have appeared on the top-right side of your browser.

Once the extension has installed go to any social media site eg. facebook groups. Facebook is most popular social media site from which we can extract lots of email ids. Facebook Group is the right platform to target any certain community of people or belongs to a common business. We should always choose that group which has got highest number members because it will help us to extract more numbers of email addresses through this free tool.

Now go to any Facebook group and this tool will start working. It will start extracting email addresses which are visible on the page. Now start scrolling the page to harness more and more email ids. It will extract Personal as well as Business both email ids for you.

The more we scroll the page of the group the opportunity of extracting more email addresses will be high. We need to just scroll the pages and this online tool will automatically be extracting the email addresses for you. You can also use “End button” on the right top corner of your keyboard to ease your scrolling process. This will automatically go to the end of the pages and scroll down all your pages one by one without any hindrance.  I want you all to use this free email extractor tool fully and functionally.

A few  days back I was using this tool and able to extract  500 email addresses online from a facebook group as that group  was so engaging and members of that group were highly active and they also has the practice to share their email ids with each other. 

Once you are satisfied with the number of email ids it extracted while scrolling, go and export the data to your local drive. And woooo..

You got the gold in the form of data. So, now enjoy your email marketing.

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