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How to create YouTube Channel with Keyword Optimization

To upload any videos on YouTube you need to create a Youtube Channel first. And in that channel, you can upload video content for your viewers. People will subscribe your channel, not your videos. So to get more and more followers you need an optimised channel on YouTube.

So here you will learn how to create YouTube channel with your primary keyword optimisation. As we all know that, YouTube is the second largest search engine in this world, it also functions like a search engine “” and most of the algorithms of matches here. So, let’s start creating a YouTube Channel:

Youtube channel creation process

  • Go to YouTube
  • Click on your round Icon at the right top corner.
  • A new dialogue box will be drop open, where you can see a “Settings” icon i.e a gear icon. Steps to Create YouTube channel
  • Click on “Settings” and you will see a new window like this:New Channel Creation Window
  • Click on Create a New Channel and then another new window will be open:create a Brand Account
  • Give a name to your channel.

Now, here I would like to speak up something. Your YouTube channel name must be clear and relevant to the content of this channel. You can give any name to it, but make sure that must relate to the videos which are going to be published under this channel name.

There are 2 solid reasons behind it :

i) You optimised your channel according to a primary keyword and, your channel will be ranking accordingly. So, if you are uploading any video content which is not related to that primary keyword Youtube algorithms will be confusing to rank you well.

ii) And secondly, your subscribers will be disappointed if your video content will be out of their interest. They subscribed your channel for a reason, and if you didn’t fulfil their reason they might unsubscribe you. And losing hard-earned subscribers is a potential loss.

Youtube Channel Optimisation

  • Once you have created your channel with your brand account name(youtube channel name). You need to mention the channel description. This description values a lot, as I told many times before that “Youtube is the second largest search engine” the content of this description will help you to optimise your channel ranking. We need to optimise this channel with a primary keyword. The keyword for which we need to rank this channel.
  • I would recommend writing at least 400 words of description about your new youtube channel. And if it is not possible for you to write, hire a content writer who can write it on behalf of you. (Note: how to write an optimised content for search engines, please refer to SEO article)
  • Once the description has been written, upload an appealing channel profile pic. It will help you in branding your channel among your subscribers.
  • Channel art is also recommended but it is not an optimisation factor, so if you wish to set it up later that is quite ok.

So, the above-mentioned steps are the complete process to create a youtube channel for your videos. Now enjoy your new channel and ready to become popular/famous.

Refer to this video for visual tutorials on Youtube channel creation.

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