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Check your Page speed and be a Google Search Friendly

Are you dreaming to rank on Google search without a good page loading speed! Then, you took the wrong way along. Google discourage pages with a lazy loading speed, because it bothers your visitors a lot. It always recommended to build light web pages for visitors. More the lighter your web pages, chances of getting ranked are always high.

Google Page Speed Insights

Google Page Speed Insights

A wonderful tool I must recommend to check your page loading speed. This is Google’s in-house developers tool to help you to find your lack. It will give you a clear picture how good your pages are loading at visitor’s end. If your page takes time to load then might your visitors loose interest in your site. So, search engines tries to give rankings only to fast loading relevant pages. Now you can understand how important it is to take care of.

Visit here to check your page speed.

Google Page Speed insights developers tool

  • Place your domain name/web page url inside the bar.
  • Hit “Analyze” and wait for sometime to get results.

Google Page speed insights results

  • Page speed insights tool will show you some results for both Mobile and Desktop either.
  • If score are below average speed, then it gives you a Red notification. It means for that particular device your site is not doing good at all.

Note: Page speed can be differ from device to device. May be your Desktop site is doing marvelous but your Mobile site is not at all doing good. So, not need to get confused for different results for every devices.

  • And if it gives you an Orange notification then, you need to work a bit more to enhance your site’s performance.
  • But if it is in Green, you are blessed and your website pages are doing enough good. You not need to worry at all of the page loading part.

SEO is important

If you are serious about in SEO of your website, I must say you shouldn’t neglect your website speed insights. But if you still facing such issues with your website loading speed, my next topic how to rectify page speed insights will help you manage to get a Green notification there in results.

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