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Check your competitor’s targeted Audience on Facebook

Targeted Audience on Facebook: Hi, friends how are you guys? Today lets figured it out, how our competitors targeting their audience on Facebook. It is very difficult to decide whom we should target in Facebook paid ads to get the optimum conversion. And if our targeted audience which we selected is not that fruitful, then we may burn our money unnecessarily.

It is very important to choose the right audience for your product/service which you offering in the market. If you know your target audiences then there nothing could be good than that. But if you are unaware of your targeted audience and you speculated to expedite your marketing, it may turn to be a disaster. It is strongly recommended not to use speculated targeting audience until and unless you are pretty much sure about its conversion.

But, what if I can tell you the trick to using your competitor’s targeted audience on Facebook for paid marketing. Your competition is already using it for long, and getting good results. So it is extremely safe to use as your own targeted audience for the similar product/service which you are offering.


1. Our competitors are targeting those audiences which are fruitful to them. Which is easy to convert.

2. If same audiences we will target, it will have the same potential for our marketing also.

3. Our Facebook ads also reach to the same audiences which our competitors are targeting.

Learn how to target your competitor’s facebook audiences

  1. Try to find any running Facebook ads of your competitor in your facebook timeline.
  2. Then click on the drop down arrow of this ad.
  3. Click on “Why I am Seeing this ad”.
  4. Now Facebook will explain to you why this ad is showing it to you.

Above, I tried to mention the whole process in a video. I hope you will enjoy this video and this trick will help you to achieve your marketing objectives.

Please feel free to comment if you facing any issues with this topic.

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